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Cryptocurrency is one of the boom industries of the the past decade because it has the power to place control back into the hands of the many rather than the few. 

Cryptocurrency is the 21st century form of created value representing a means of transaction between two parties. As with any new modality, for many who have been born and brought up using fiat (£-$-€-¥ etc), this alien sounding means of transaction holds a whole universe of incomprehension. Yet for the Universal Community Trust it has enabled the whole movement from slavery to freedom. 

How is that, you may ask? Well anyone who is able to create a new and autonomous financial system, where previously there was only one major controller and manipulator how people interacted, purchased and got paid, coming in as the new kid on the block, enables those benefiting from such a new way to flourish and be untouchable by their prior slave masters.

Many might wonder how that is possible without retribution from the banksters. Well when, as UCT holds, you have an internationally recognised Treaty acknowledging your existence as an autonomous micro/indigenous/anarcho nation, then having your own financial system, devoid of interference from any external authority - that gives you the freedom of untouchability.

The two crypto currencies within UCT are UCT Token and UCT Cash. When fully launched these two will serve two functions. UCT Token will be able to not only trade into most other traded cryptos, but also be able to exchange for gold silver and fiat. This last one is important while we are transitioning and need at times to purchase goods or services in the UK jurisdiction.
You could see this role in a similar way as to when one country allows only purchase in their currency and demands ££s be changed into their denomination. Since the whole UCT Token crypto currency is acting as a bridge over the period of transition to an eventual future where money becomes defunct, its bridge is to enable trading, exchange with fiat as and when it is needed.

The UCT Cash is used exclusively within the UCT as a means of payment/exchange for all sorts of purchase/payment. Until sweat equity - an expression of barter/trade through skills or services each offer - becomes the accepted means of exchange, UCT Cash is the payment/recognition of exchange. It also enables and allows the growth of our own Marketplace and trading between communities and SCTs

As with any method of payment/barter, when existing in an ecology where value becomes the recognition and acknowledgement of another's skill, input and offering, equity and respect become part of that recognition. Although this way of interaction is so avoided and frowned upon in a debt based system, in the credit based system UCT embraces, it is the very life blood of the community and world.

With these twin currencies, UCT Token and UCT Cash, the founders are aiming to empower humanity by creating the means to settle debts, purchase land and resources and to facilitate a world in which we can all live, freely, in peace and sustainable abundance under Natural Law.

UCT Token also represents the world's first non-judicial, tax-exempt remedy for any party who has been injured by any civil wrongdoing, when the so-called Justice System has failed them.

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UCT Cryptocurrencies

Nipsey Hussle

“Any time a country transitioned to a fiat currency, they collapsed. That’s just world history; you don’t have to know about cryptocurrency to know that.” 

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