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Natural Health is Natural for All of Us

Leaving Big Pharma behind

Natural Health is where we all need to be using and treated by. Yet the devastation to our well being, our belief that profit has our best interests at heart is as misguided as it comes. 

Our collective dis-ease needs changing to healthy and natural well being. Within the context of Natural Law and the foundations UCT is built upon, it is only natural that Natural Health become the norm and practice. Already outcomes of this present mass murder of the people, egged on by complicit doctors and health workers are producing more and more good doctors, nurses and health practitioners to flee the present tyranny. They are joining the UCT example for best practice and integrous living and treatment. The expansion of natural remedies, plant medicines Nature always had on supply and a natural health system (NHS- Ha ha) that delivers care, treatment and loving delivery is the way forward.

That is why the intention to run a real Natural Health facility and program across the land, starting at the local level, has already begun to be a reality with SCTs operating already.

There is no reason why this cannot be facilitated with the Albion SCT. We intend that be so. So if all this resonates with your skills and talents connect, join and be an integral part of the new Sovereign era!

This part of Albion Sovereign Community Trust and this page is a work in process, more to come....

We are actively looking for those whose expertise is in the area of natural health, nursing, doctors whose hearts resonate with the whole UCT/ASCT, seriously consider this new way of living and offering professional expertise. Is that you? Then let us know...

Do your passion and skillsets resonate with this sector?
If so and the ASCT resonates with your heart and soul, then...

  1. Contact us
  2. Express your interest by joining UCT  (needed before beneficiary status under ASCT can be initiated)
  3. Look forward to a new future and better world!

It is always possible to change existing forms and ways of being, where they are shown to be detrimental. Like all things in life, there are equal and opposite ways to implement anything. We call it reverse engineering, when applied to changing harmful and inappropriate implementations. By developing the equal and opposite of anything harmful or against human best interest, the best is enabled. When this outcomes ways and means in improving the human condition, then intention, implementation of right practice and right action makes everything possible.


 “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”

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