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Free Energy Technology Development

Ways to harness natural energy

The challenge of creating the best ways to harness free energy have been thought and created by many. The present way in the corporatocracy solution bases, is all about profit. In the way of Natural Law profit is criminal. Service to all in the most healing way is where we all need to journey to.

It is plain truth that any solutions that did not fit the aim of free energy was buried. Nicola Tesla is a shining example of that treatment, yet today there are many who have sourced his work to resolve and produce modalities of working models. More will come out of the shadows when the demands within Magna Carta 2020 are implemented

"The right to live freely in an unpolluted environment with unrestricted access to clean air, water and food sources."
The unfettered right to release into public domain all hidden, suppressed and denied technologies... this will enable many to freely develop solutions we all need.

This part of Albion Sovereign Community Trust and this page is a work in process, more to come....

We are actively looking for those whose expertise is in the area of free energy, inventors, technology experts whose hearts resonate with the whole UCT/ASCT, seriously consider this new way of living and offering professional expertise. Is that you? Then let us know...

Do your passion and skillsets resonate with this sector?
If so and the ASCT resonates with your heart and soul, then...

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  3. Look forward to a new future and better world!

It is always possible to change existing forms and ways of being, where they are shown to be detrimental. Like all things in life, there are equal and opposite ways to implement anything. We call it reverse engineering, when applied to changing harmful and inappropriate implementations. By developing the equal and opposite of anything harmful or against human best interest, the best is enabled. When this outcomes ways and means in improving the human condition, then intention, implementation of right practice and right action makes everything possible.

Jeane Manning

 "Prototypes of inventions that use novel combinations of resonance, magnetism, states of matter, certain geometries or inward swirling motion to unlock the secrets of universal energy have already been built. They provide proof of new or rediscovered principles. In many variations of these inventions, a small input triggers a disproportionately large output of useable power."               

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