Albion Sovereign Community Trust

A Future Together

Our Objectives

To develop and evolve a community that encourages and enables each and everyone to become self determined, self expressive and live free from the bonds of tyranny and slavery on all levels and respect and enjoy all the benefits of community.

When the imperative to have to work to sustain life, as found in the debt based society, is changed to a state of creative self expression, skilled output and shared as the currency of interdependence and community, then the true meaning and nature of a credit based society is tangible and expressed in idea, form and action.

We aim to create a usury free trade network within the community and between other sovereign community trusts working under the principles of mutual cooperation and equality.

Self Determination is the birthright of all, along with expressing the freedom of a sovereign being. To express and develop our unique creativity, without control or limitation from any authority external reaps the greatest gifts of joy, loving kindness and community we all attain.

To build and demonstrate the beauty self determination and community care and nurture offers is the objective of acquiring land and passionate input from each member of that community. When the old way's determination of having to work, earn money to pay the slave masters is a thing of the past and the growth of a pure credit based society is evolved, then individual passion and creative spirit is able to evolve, grow and nurture not only the individual but more importantly the community. 

Having a financial bridge to take us all into the new sovereign era, unencumbered by interference and hassle of any controlling authority makes the unbelievable, not only probable but truly realised, in its fullest nature.

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It is always possible to change existing forms and ways of being, where they are shown to be detrimental. Like all things in life, there are equal and opposite ways to implement anything. We call it reverse engineering, when applied to changing harmful and inappropriate implementations. By developing the equal and opposite of anything harmful or against human best interest, the best is enabled. When this outcomes ways and means in improving the human condition, then intention, implementation of right practice and right action makes everything possible.

Jane Goodall

“Each one of us matters, has a role to play, and makes a difference. Each one of us must take responsibility for our own lives, and above all, show respect and love for living things around us, especially each other.” 

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