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The Albion Sovereign Community Trust


The Albion Sovereign Community Trust (ASCT) covers Somerset in South West of England
Initially there will be one specific area of good acreage able to build a demonstrably working model of what Albion SCT and the principles of UCT and Natural Law represent. It becomes a showcase for a wider vision building across the land, where already there exist many indigenous communities, mirroring the likes of Albion SCT.


At present the ASCT is looking at purchasing enough land where all the essential aspects of the community can not only service full sustainability but also offer space and location for training, education and self sufficient farming and market gardening, as well as artisanal development. The vision and plan is to build, initially a village/town that reflects the whole aspect of living within Natural Law and a sovereign life.

Russell Kirk

“The Natural Law is an instrument for progress not a weapon for revolution”

Do your passion and skillsets resonate with what AlbionSCT is building?
If so and the ASCT resonates with your heart and soul, then...

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  2. Express your interest and join UCT (needed before ASCT can be initiated)
  3. Look forward to a new future and better world!

It is always possible to change existing forms and ways of being, where they are shown to be detrimental. Like all things in life, there are equal and opposite ways to implement anything. We call it reverse engineering, when applied to changing harmful and inappropriate implementations. By developing the equal and opposite of anything harmful or against human best interest, the best is enabled. When this outcomes ways and means in improving the human condition, then intention, implementation of right practice and right action makes everything possible.

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