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What is UCT?

Universal Community Trust is an umbrella trust, protecting all Sovereign Community Trusts (anarcho nations, anarcho trusts) and their beneficiaries. It is founded on the principles of Natural Law and supplemented and interpreted by the Treaty of Universal Trust (UCT Treaty) and Magna Carta 2020.

As it acts as an umbrella trust for Sovereign Community Trusts, so SCTs act as the umbrella for each Family/Private Trust sheltering under its own SCT. This all gives treble protection to each and everyone who is part of UCT through their creation of their own Family Trust.

Wanting To Join and be a part of the Albion Sovereign Trust?

In order to become part of and shelter under the Albion Sovereign Community Trust, firstly creating your own Family/Private Trust is essential. This process is enabled by registering such interest here

There is no greater freedom than that to which each human is born into. Where that has been wrenched away, is the greatest crime against each sovereign being

The Albion Nation Sovereign Community Trust, like every trust, under the UCT, around the land, upholds the values and ethics of Natural Law, as lived. The Albion Nation SCT, based and operated within Somerset and Bath makes up what is known as the Albion autonomous Nation. 

E. F. Schumacher from Small is Beautiful

"No one is really working for peace unless he is working primarily for the restoration of wisdom."

Reconnect to your authentic sovereign self

  1. Recognise everything you have been taught is to enslave you
  2. Release the bonds that hold you in thrall to tyranny
  3. Become and live your best self
  4. Never allow anyone to exert their authority over you
  5. Laugh, be light and love intensely

Releasing and letting go of our conditioned self can be a life's work. Each moment offers opportunity to learn more of who we are, how we are and respond appropriately. Loving kindness starts within and only when it is practiced from within is it able to truly honour the world around us.

What we wish, within the ASCT, to evolve and embrace is self determination, honouring of all forms of life and creation, without exception. Individually we are our own being, yet together we can bring forward that respect and realisation in such powerful ways as change becomes inevitable.

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