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Tired of The Prison of UK Jurisdiction and Criminal Coercion?

It is time to leave and live the life you were born into.
Become your true sovereign self. Find out how

A Historical Timeline

Follow progress within Albion Nation and under UCT

Building a Sovereign Community

Establishing communities under the protection of International Law

Learning to live with Financial Autonomy

Learn how a non-usurious financial system creates a credit-based society

New World New Future

How everything changes and all thrive through freedom and life

Clearing the Dross and Criminals

Follow progress within Albion Nation and under UCT

What is the Albion Nation SCT? 

Explaining the intricacies and solutions that evolve out of a Sovereign Community Trust 

The Eagle's Transformation

A metaphor for our times ahead and the calibration of the Elders.
Find out how

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 are visualised


A vision is a template for the final manifestation. When creative excellence is allowed to run its course you can imagine this to be a wing of the recording studios, or even the entrance to the concert hall beneath.

So much is possible when the stumbling block within our present jurisdiction, of "How can we afford it" is set to one side.
Have you got skills and passion that are bursting to be unleashed?
If so get in touch 



Now is the moment to make a noise, share the single most potent solution and stop prevaricating. The solution and action for the People is NOW!

"We are achieving that formerly unobtainable outcome by turning the huge debt the banksters owe to Britain’s illegal mortgagors into interest-free credit, which comprises of their tax-exempt damages payouts, exclusively under UCT jurisdiction and free from government and regulatory interference."

UCT Treasury Bank
"These perfected liens represent the damages owed to UCT Treasury’s 1st tranche of Lien Creditors, by way of non-judicial damages claims, in defence of a veritable multitude of wrongdoings by the directors of every fraudulent mortgage provider in the UK.

However, the liens themselves will be held as permanent fixed asset commercial paper reserves by UCT Treasury, in return for which the Lien Creditors, who remain sole owners of the perfected instruments, have accepted UCT Utility Tokens, which will become exchangeable for any other usable currency, once UCT Treasury Bank is fully operational, which we expect to transpire this summer.

Once that happens, each UCT Nation, via their duly appointed Treasurer, will be able to accept applications for lines of credit from community members and from the nation itself, for the purposes of acquiring land and resources.

UCT Treasury will then begin accepting Promissory Notes from UCT Nations and community members, which will become exchangeable for UCT Utility Tokens, which will be exchangeable for fungible [spendable] currencies at UCT Treasury Bank."

This news is the single biggest event in history that releases the PEOPLE back to their rightful place as sovereign - READ IT ALL HERE


A Short Historical Timeline for the Albion Nation




Building Across The Nation

When it comes to constructing a whole way of life then the arts and music are integral. Here we present an image of what will become the sort of construction to house state of the art recording studios and accommodation for those pursuing their passion



Claiming Back The Land

Albion is on the search for land across its Nation

As the Financial Bridge reaches its point of delivery, we are scouring the area known as Somerset and Bath for tracts of land where the new nation can establish and show how life in these isles will be like for all those wishing to extricate themselves from the present tyranny and criminal rule.

04.06.2023/Rosie's Victory thru UCT

Experiments in Electro Culture

Across the UCT and within every Nation so much of what has been hidden, banned and criminalised that enables us all to benefit, is coming alive and practiced.
One area is that of Electro Culture - the enabling of huge crop yields by tapping into earth's energy grid



Rosie's Victory thru UCT

The Unlawful Eviction of Rosie Copeland and how the UCT Alliance and PFJ won a Landmark Victory for the People and Justice

Follow, read and view the amazing historic case of criminal eviction of a pensioner's eviction and how UCT's People's Foundation for Justice, under the Common Law brought victory for untold millions following Rosie Copeland's case
Watch and read all three steps to Victory



Health + Healing for All!

Building for the future

The UCT Natural Health Service (NHS!) that all nations across the British Isles will be all joined and linked to, incredibly high standards of delivery people expect, will show how we the sovereign people can thrive, be healthy and proactively so. Unlike the poverty-driven excuse for what used to be considered exemplary, the new medical, dental and all things natural health care will be a beacon of what we all deserve.

The nations, one and collectively thrive on individual expertise offered to al other beneficiaries, in a credit-based system that does not demand quotas, government funded (or not) arm twisters, strikes etc to struggle on. No, it is utterly free at point of delivery to all who decide their future and their family's future is within such a thriving community
Find out more on plans to heal our nations.



Rounding up great talent

As the Albion Nation begins the blueprint of a New Nation it also prepares for Survival

A lot has been said of all sorts of fear mongering things, yet the Albion Nation is building for a bright future. It also is preparing for survival mode that may happen within the next few decades. Those that are out to control us all cover these truths by their lame, specious and utterly disingenuous Climate Change nonsense. We know better than to follow their wretched control agendas.

We get on building for better and survival in parallel.
There are those around the world building their 21st century arks. That is precisely what we shall be doing to survive the magnetic pole shift, the CMEs and the regular disaster cycle that we are at the epicentre of right now.

When it happens, no one can predict better than within 50 yrs or sooner. The preparations will be documented here, alongside the new build of a nation free and within its own jurisdiction. 


Life and Survival

We are actively looking for nation builders with skills and passion. Builders of our future

Are your professional skills enough to build a nation?
Does your passion, unleashed, know no bounds?
Are you proactive, positive, practical and productive?
Albion Nation is looking for every sort of artisanal skill, it is wishing to embrace Bakers, Butchers, Permaculture specialists, Weavers, fabric designers, creators of naturally beautiful materials, textile designers, artists, builders, eco experts, architects, carers, nurses, doctors, natural health practitioners, educationalists, blacksmiths, farmers, inventors, energy specialists, radio and television skill sets and much more...
Read full update here



Needingthe right stuff?

The Albion Nation is looking for Nation Builders

The Land is ours, the potential huge, the freedom to build a sovereign life is a reality. We are looking for those who seriously wish to leave the jurisdiction of slavery and reach out and step into the jurisdiction of self determination. Are your skills, heart and soul ready for such a move?
Begin to comprehend your future



A Nation is Born

The Final Steps are in Progress for the Albion Nation to be Born

Taking back the land for the people is the true way of re-establishing Natural Law as the single and only law of the land. In its manifest incarnation Common Law the people are finally able to regain what has always been theirs for all time.
That this sovereign right has been stolen, buried and imposed upon is the very tyranny that is now released from the people.
Albion Nation is one of dozens of lawfully established, naturally just and autonomous nations across the British Isles.
Its birth is imminent, its future secured!
Read full update here



Laughing to Victory

The Speakeasy Comedy Club

See stand-up comedy the way it was always meant to be – unbridled, uncensored and delivered without apologies – by the funniest ‘cancelled comics’ you won’t see anywhere else, except in other Speakeasy Comedy Clubs.

Hosted within ‘out of the box’, pop-up venues – just like back in the days of the ‘rave’ scene – you won’t find out the address of the venue until the day of the gig, when you’ll receive an email with the details.

Universal Community Trust is providing its government-free jurisdiction for Speakeasy Comedy Clubs to open up in 22 locations nationwide, where free speech is mandatory and virtue-signalling comics are banned.

BTW - Albion Nation is looking to hire or acquire a suitable property in the Somerset and Bath area. Know a space for sale freehold or presently to hire and we shall have our very own evenings of merriment from the best 'cancelled ' comics on the circuit. Humour is the shield we defeat the aggressors with!
Read Full Update here


Take Down of Criminals

P.U.B. COVID-1984 Update | PUB Appeal Decision To Dismiss PCP Against Four Horsemen

After a good three year fight to get out 100% solid case in prosecution the criminals, their aiders and abetters into court and being not unusually blocked, hindered or obfuscated PUB will now see the Appeal going to the High Court transpire. It is an absolute that 2023 will be the year when lies, BS and criminal activity will die on its own putrid trail, affording the advance of Natural Law in its material guise of Common Law to be reinstated - . Read full update here



Mortgage Annulment

Lloyds Directors Served Demand For Cancellation of Illegal Mortgages

Yesterday, the following demand was served upon the directors of the Lloyds Banking Group, in relation to PUB’s allegations that successive boards over the past three decades have conspired to commit serious crimes for their own private gain, at the expense of every mortgagor on their books.

During the course of the next week, this demand will be served upon the directors of every UK mortgage provider named in the TGBMS, Signature 703 and Operation Meadow evidence files.
Read full update here



Past Event

The Gathering of the Clans

16th - 18th September 2022
!s and will be a significant event for all focused, fascinated and desiring to move deeper into the establishment of having the UCT Treaty and MC2020 established as supporting THE Law of the Land.

Come meet and mingle among fellow Nation Builders, soak up the developing vibe of unity, fellowship and real advancement to an age befitting those who treasure freedom, sovereign being and peaceful co-existence and on the way, take no shite!.

A space devoid as always of snowflake hell, P.C extremism, authoritarian antiquities et al (please don't ask me about al, my blood will only boil!!)
Come, good souls and let's celebrate our clans


22 /

Take Down the Banksters 

UK Regulators Given Last Chance To Prove Their Innocence

Today the following Notice of Opportunity To Cure was served upon the UK regulatory and governmental officers who stand accused of conspiring to commit serious crimes which fall under the provisions of the Serious Crimes Act 2015, following their failure to respond appropriately to the Notice of Conditional Acceptance served upon them nine days ago, since when several other alleged conspirators have been added to the list of defendants.

These names include former Prime Minister, David Cameron and billionaire’s spouse, Rishi Sunak, the Tory leadership candidate and ‘Bankster’s Boy’ tipped to the the next Prime Minister, given that he is favourite to win the current Conservative Party leadership campaign, following the resignation of Boris Johnson, at a time when the Tory government has an unassailable majority in Parliament.
Read full update here



Ridding All Mortgages

P.U.B. Seeks Urgent Declaration From Attorney General To End Mortgage Fraud

Following the Notice of Conditional Acceptance, which PUB served upon the regulatory officers who have failed to regulate the UK mortgage industry, resulting in trillions of pounds being stolen under the terms of fraudulently registered mortgages, the Attorney General, Suella Braverman, who by all accounts has aspirations to replace Bojo as Prime Minister in the Autumn, was served with a notice requiring her immediate action to end more than three decades of institutionalised fraud on these shores. Read full update here

Building a Sovereign Community

Talks on establishing such communities and International Recognition




Building a Community To Last using the

Golden Mean and Sacred Geometry

One of the most important and yet also the most ignored is the ancient knowledge of building community on the principles reflected and invested with sacred space, geometry and the golden mean. When these are in-built into the landscape, thus honouring Mother Earth totally, creations last, hold potent power and reveal the magic of interdependency on a massive scale, no matter how minimal a construction.

See More 




Community is Harmony

Having experienced each one of us, lives embedded with disharmony, is it not time to raise the bar, revitalise harmony across all parts of our lives and truly live and thrive?




Nation Building - The Natural Way

We have all spent our lives, bought into the beliefs of national identity. When that national identity is defined and depicted as what another needs us to be then autonomy, self determination and actual freedom of being and expression are the last things we are told transparently. In fact, these inalienable truths are kept hidden for us all, unless we stop and think about who we truly are.
From these beginnings lies a whole territory, landscape and lives that we can claim to be truly a part of and ours...

Recognised Diplomatic Status of the Albion Nation

Internationally Recognised Diplomatic Status - The Birth of a Nation




Celebrating with the Russian Federation

This day is of huge importance to the world. It is the day that the USSR in 1945, became the major force that defeated Nazi Germany. Today we stand by Russia in its moves to re-establish the sovereignty of a great country against the world elites trying to impose their own fascistic tendencies on us all




The Hub of a new way forward

Establishing Albion as true Micro Nation




Reflecting a Sovereign Era Forward

Moving into New and Exciting Times Ahead

Autonomy Financially Learning About Your Future

The Financial Bridge and the Key To Freedom

Getting to know the New Financial Bridge

How we finally take out the Rothschild cartel Banksters

When leaving and settling in our own jurisdiction, all is great, freedom and joy of life flourish. Yet part of the transition has to be where with one foot in each, a valid and sensible financial bridge needs to exist. This enables those instances where fiat is needed and spent, as well as our own currencies, independent and invisible to the banksters, to flourish. We will be offering specific workshops to introduce the new way, so register your interest here and we shall let you know when and where. It will also cover, for those unversed in UCT/ASCT, a brief overview of both the Universal Community Trust and also our very own micro Nation - Albion Sovereign Community Trust - Let us know here

Intro To UCT/ASCT 

Ongoing and Future Events

The Albion Sovereign Community Trust offers Introductory meetings to UCT (Universal Community Trust) and the local Albion Sovereign Community Trust - All are Welcome! read more here....

New World, New Future

Freedom Autonomy Government-Free and True Community Growing Outwards

A New World of Sovereign Life and Living

Welcoming All to Their True Living

When it comes to releasing from the binds of debt slavery, controlled by regimes who have starved us our natural born freedom, then we would be foolish to not at least recognise there is another peacefully attained other way. Freedom is not a gift - it is our divinely given birthright! - Read More....

Do you have a Group of Like Minded Souls wishing to Learn about UCT/ASCT?

We can meet with you, where you are

The Albion Sovereign Community Trust can visit with you and introduce UCT (Universal Community Trust) and the local Albion Sovereign Community Trust - Do you have a group you would like us to visit with and share? Let us know here ......

Clearing the Dross

Taking the puppets, power cravers, criminals and master manipulators out

part of assisting the development of our sovereign nations is to
expose and rid the land of the corruption and fraud that has to
this date been holding control and sway over the sovereign 
peoples of these isles. They know it and this final thrust bringing
them to justice is perfection itself.

The Backbone to Securing our true Sovereignty



Prosecution Opening Statement

Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast

The Case Against Hancock et al

Here lies The Case Against Hancock et al [recorded ‘live’], featuring a summary of the material evidence that was dismissed as ‘hearsay’ three times by Westminster Magistrates’ Court, which will now be presented in the Court of Public Record, whilst another application for warrants to arrest the usual suspects is being prepared concurrently.

As is a charge list for the impeachment of Sunak, which a member of the House of Commons [who shall remain nameless for the time being] has emphatically agreed to present to fellow members of Parliament at the earliest opportunity - 
Read full update here



Motive, Opportunity and Gates 

Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast
Motive Opportunity & Gates connection

In the second episode of the Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast, the prosecution lays out a damning assessment of the common motive, opportunities to conspire and the demonstrable connections that Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson have with Bill Gates and his agenda to maximise vaccination uptake worldwide.

All Rights Reserved under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.
Watch and listen to full update here


Take Down of Criminals

P.U.B. COVID-1984 Update | PUB Appeal Decision To Dismiss PCP Against Four Horsemen

After a good three year fight to get out 100% solid case in prosecution the criminals, their aiders and abetters into court and being not unusually blocked, hindered or obfuscated PUB will now see the Appeal going to the High Court transpire. It is an absolute that 2023 will be the year when lies, BS and criminal activity will die on its own putrid trail, affording the advance of Natural Law in its material guise of Common Law to be reinstated - .  - Watch and listen to full update here

The Crest of the Albion Sovereign Community Trust

Into existence 08-01-22

This is our newly created crest for the Albion SCT. 
The Latin in the ribbon translates as:
"From the Heart Grows Love and Strength"
As Avalon, and indeed Somerset holds the heart chakra, according to many, we feel it is appropriate to feature this enduring truth. The Tor, as a globally recognised iconic and symbolic representation of eternal binding and union (As the Michael and Mary ley lines intwine around and within this landmark), it seems fitting to have it and the Flower of Life symbol as part of where and what we all are.

The ASCT Nation

What it is, how it develops and frees the soul to live a thriving life

The Albion Nation Sovereign Community Trust


The Albion Sovereign Community Trust (ASCT) is a non-profit, community-minded group with members primarily based in  Somerset and was declared under the Universal Community Trust (UCT) on 19th August 2012 by several trustees.

It is an autonomous, self-governing community of sovereign men and women made up of private families and individuals, working towards the emancipation of humanity and the planet, intent on living free, self determined and separate from any jurisdiction presently intent in holding all under it, in life bondage within their debt-based and driven society.

As a protective and vital umbrella each beneficiary has itself protected under its Family or Private trust. This trust is itself protected and assited against all incursion from outside authorities, by the Sovereign Community trust, in our case the Albion Nation. All Sovereign Nations Community Trusts are themselves sheltered under the protection  of the Treaty of the Universal Community Trust. This three layered protection offers ultimate protection against external tyrannical imposition, any authorities unlawful impositions and other potential harm or damage trying to impose infliction.

As a non-profit, community-minded trust with members within and around Somerset, protected itself by the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, it offers protection for all who shelter under it. Its primary objectives, having created a self-governing self-sufficient autonomous community and built the infrastructure to become free from debt slavery or external governance of any description under the protection and guiding principles of the Treaty of the Universal Community Trust, is to create an on-site residential community, including educational and training facilities to educate, train and give people the skills to become self-sufficient and independent from state governance and control of all description.
This would include the following areas of development:
Artisanal skills 
Permaculture and forest gardening
Creative development in arts, crafts and design
TV, film development for New Era
Ecological building techniques
Natural Health inc. Plant/herbal medicine
Self development/Self Mastery
Free energy technology development
Organic Farming/Bee Keeping

Traditional skills such as green woodworking, weaving, clothes making and metal working will be established.

Teaching principles of environmental conservation, ecology, biodiversity and Gaia theory, this should include teaching the importance of living in harmony and having respect for all plant and animal life.

We also aim to create a usury free trade network within the community and between other sovereign community trusts working under the principles of mutual cooperation and equality.

We ultimately aspire to reach a position where we move away from the need to use fiat or cryptocurrency almost altogether, with the co-operative trade networks based on bartering and/or sweat equity exchanges instead. The reality is that during the transition phase both fiat and crypto will play a major part in the moves towards barter and sweat equity.

Do your passion and skillsets resonate with ASCT?
If so and the ASCT resonates with your heart and soul, then...

  1. Contact us
  2. Express your interest and join UCT (needed before beneficiary status under ASCT can be initiated)
  3. Look forward to a new future and better world!

It is always possible to change existing forms and ways of being, where they are shown to be detrimental. Like all things in life, there are equal and opposite ways to implement anything. We call it reverse engineering, when applied to changing harmful and inappropriate implementations. By developing the equal and opposite of anything harmful or against human best interest, the best is enabled. When this outcomes ways and means in improving the human condition, then intention, implementation of right practice and right action makes everything possible.

Margaret Mead

“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed that's all who ever have. ”

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